let’s dance and sing our lives and see what becomes of the whole dream


Palma Violets - Paris, Café Charbon 


Pont Alexandre Paris

Photo: Jeff Dunas

i saw the libertines live!!!!!!!!!! i saw them live i can check that off my list it was incredible!! they played france legs 11 version goodbye


I’m not here


Ben Nicholson model


“In Between Days”
The Cure, 1985.


berlin night


i accidentally grabbed an extra cult tote at fyf when i was running to the main stage. i don’t need it so y’all can have it.

what u get:

  • cult tote
  • my love


  • reblog/like as much as u want
  • follow me or don’t i don’t give a shit
  • will ship anywhere i guess
  • ends september 27
  • don’t be a dick and alt-reblog by clicking a million fucking times it’ll show up on ur blog a million times but only once in the notes and u’ll look like a jackass
  • yeah


Valter Torsleff by Fanny Latour-Lambert

support group for morrissey fans who hate morrissey


also met a very stoned Palma Violets who lifted up the fence for me to then crawl under (nice one guys) within two seconds i was getting escorted out by security but then they all followed